The Main Event: Die Sinatra-Infothek seit 1999


IV.1. 45rpm-Alben

keine; nur Einzelsingles.

IV.2. 10"-LP-Alben

keine; nur 12“-LPs.

IV.3. 12"-LP-Alben

Ring-A-Ding-Ding (Reprise, März 1961)
Swing Along With Me (späterer alternativer Titel: Sinatra Swings, Reprise, Juli 1961)
I Remember Tommy (Reprise, Oktober 1961)
Sinatra & Strings (Reprise, Februar 1962)
Sinatra Conducts Music From Pictures And Plays (Reprise, Juni 1962)
Sinatra And Swinging Brass (Reprise, Juli 1962)
All Alone (Reprise, Oktober 1962)
Sinatra Sings Great Songs From Great Britain (Reprise, November 1962 nur in Großbritannien, in USA erst 1993 auf CD).
Sinatra-Basie: An Historic Musical First(Reprise, Januar 1963)
The Concert Sinatra (Reprise, Mai 1963)
Sinatra’s Sinatra: A Collection Of Frank’s Favorites (Reprise, August 1963)
Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: Finian’s Rainbow (Reprise, November 1963)
Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: Guys And Dolls (Reprise, November 1963)
Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: Kiss Me Kate (Reprise, November 1963)
Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: South Pacific (Reprise, November 1963)
Frank Sinatra And His Friends Want You To Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Reprise, November 1964)
Sinatra Sings Days Of Wine And Roses, Moon River And Other Academy Award Winners (Reprise, März 1964)
America I Hear You Singing (Reprise, April 1964)
Robin And The Seven Hoods (Reprise, Mai 1964)
Sinatra-Basie: It Might As Well Be Swing (Reprise, Juli 1964)
Twelve Songs Of Christmas (Reprise, August 1964)
Softly As I Leave You: Sings All There Is About Love (Reprise, November 1964)
Sinatra 65: The Singer Today (Reprise, Mai 1965)
September Of My Years: Sings Of Days And Loves Ago (Reprise, August 1965)
My Kind Of Broadway: Sings The Greatest Songs From Musical Comedy (Reprise, November 1965)
A Man And His Music: An Anthology... (Reprise 2-LP-Set, 30.11.1965)
Moonlight Sinatra: Sings The Worlds Great Melodies Of Love (Reprise, März 1966)
Strangers In The Night: The Popular Sinatra Sings For Moderns (Reprise, Mai 1966)
Sinatra At The Sands (Reprise 2-LP-Set, August 1966)
That’s Life: An Assemblage Of Songs Which Say Much, And To Many (Reprise, November 1966)
Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim (Reprise, März 1967)
The World We Knew (Reprise, August 1967)
Francis A. & Edward K. (Reprise, Januar 1968)
Greatest Hits (Reprise, August 1968)
The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas (Reprise, September 1968)
Cycles (Reprise, November 1968)
My Way (Reprise, März 1969)
A Man Alone: The Words And Music Of McKuen (Reprise, August 1969)
Watertown: A Love Story (Reprise, März 1970)
Sinatra & Company (Reprise, März 1971)
Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (Reprise, Mai 1972)
Ol’Blue Eyes Is Back (Reprise, September 1973)
Some Nice Things I’ve Missed (Reprise, Juli 1974)
The Main Event – Live (Reprise, Oktober 1974)
The Voice Vol. 1 (Reprise/WEA, 1978) (nur in Europa erschienen)
The Voice Vol. 2 (Reprise/WEA, 1978) (nur in Europa erschienen)
The Voice Vol. 3 (Reprise/WEA, 1978) (nur in Europa erschienen)
The Voice Vol. 4 (Reprise/WEA, 1978)
I Sing The Songs (Reprise/WEA, 1978) (nur in Europa erschienen)
The Singles(Reprise/WEA, 1978) (nur in Europa erschienen)
Trilogy – Past, Present, Future (Reprise, 26.3.1980)
She Shot Me Down (Reprise, November 1981)
L.A. Is My Lady (Warner/QWest, August 1984)
The Reprise Collection (Reprise, 6-LP/4-CD-Set, 20.11.1990)

IV.4. Alben nur auf CD

Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years (Reprise, 26.3.1991)
Sings The Songs Of Van Heusen And Cahn (Reprise, November 1991)
Sinatra & Sextet Live In Paris (Reprise, 22.2.1994)
The Sinatra Christmas Album (Reprise, 1.11.1994)
The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings (Reprise 20-CD-Box, November 1995)
Everything Happens To Me(Reprise, 6.2.1996)
The Very Best Of Frank Sinatra (Reprise 2-CD-set, 10.6.1997)
Lucky Numbers (Reprise, 8.12.1998)
My Way: The Best Of Frank Sinatra (Reprise 2-CD-set, 27.2.2001)
Greatest Love Songs (Reprise, 15.1.2002)
Live And Swinging – The Ultimate Rat Pack Collection (Reprise, 14.10.2003)
The Christmas Collection (Reprise, 26.10.2004)

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