The Reprise Musical Repertory [BOX SET]

Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre Finian’s Rainbow

CD: 1

2.This time of the year
3.How are things in Glocca Morra?
4.If this isn't love
5.Look at the rainbow
6.Something sort of grandish
7.Old devil moon
9.When I'm not near the girl I love
10.When the idle poor become the idle rich
11.The begat
12.How are things in Glocca Morra?
13.The great come- and- get- it- day

Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: Kiss Me Kate

CD: 2

2.Another op'nin`, another show
3.Why can't you behave
4.We open in Venice
5.So in love
6.I hate men
7.Too darn hot
8.Were thine life that spacial face
9.Where is the life that late I led?
11.Always true to you (In my fashion)
13.So in love

Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre South Pacific

CD: 3

3.A cook-eyed optimist
4.Twin solioquies
5.Some enchated evening
6.A wunderful guy
7.Younger than springtime
8.Bali ha'i
9.There is nothin` like a dame
10.I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair
11.Bloody Mary
12.Happy talk
13.Younger than springtime
14.This nearly was mine
15.Honey bun
16.Carefully taught
17.Some enchated evening

Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre Guys And Dolls

CD: 4

2.Fugue for tinhorns
3.I'll know
4.The oldest establishment (Permanent floating crap game in New York)
5.A bushel and a peck
6.Guys and dolls
7.If I were a bell
8.I've never been in love before
9.Take back your mink
10.More I cannot wish you
11.Adelaine's lament
12.Luck be a lady
13.Sue me
14.Sit down, you're rockin` the boat
15.Guys and dolls


Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre besteht aus vier 12 " LP-Vinyl-Alben, die 1963 in Los Angeles aufgenommen wurden. Die vier Alben wurden 1963 über den Versandhandel als Box verkauft und dann 1964 separat im Einzelhandel 1964. Frank Sinatra konzipierte diese Idee und Morris Stoloff war der musikalische Leiter dieses Projekts.

Die vier Alben beinhalten die vier beliebtesten Broadway-Musicals jener Zeit, nämlich Finain's Rainbow (1947) , Kiss Me, Kate (1948) , South Pacific (1949) und Guys and Dolls (1950) .

"Guys and Dolls" wurde 1992 auf CD und alle Alben zusammen wurden dann zusammen im Jahre 2000 als CD-Box-Set veröffentlicht.


Album-Titel/ Format plus Infos/ Label/ Katalognummer/ Land/ Veröffentlichungsjahr
The Reprise Collection 4xCD Reprise Reprise Repertory Theatre: De Luxe Four Record Set 4x12", Mono +Box Reprise Records 4F-2019, F-2015, F-2016, F-2017, F-2018 1963
Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre Box Set 4xCD +Box Reprise Records 2-47775 2000

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