The Main Event: Die Sinatra-Infothek seit 1999

Frank Sinatra: The Radio Years 1939-1955

1987 * Frank Sinatra: The Radio Years 1939-1955 (6 LP-Box, Meteor/Magnum Music MTBS 001)

A1 All Or Nothing At All (Harry James & His Orchestra, 1939-09-14)
A2 After All (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-02)
A3 I've Got My Eyes On You (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-02)
A4 Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-02)
A5 Deep Night (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-02)
A6 Whispering (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-02)
A7 The Sky Fell Down (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-09)
A8 On The Isle Of May (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-09)
A9 It's A Blue World (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-09)
A10 Fable Of The Rose (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-09)

B1 Marie (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-09)
B2 I'll Get By (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-03-09)
B3 A Lover Is Blue (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-02-24)
B4 Careless (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, 1940-02-24)
B5 I'll Never Smile Again (America Dances, 1940-05-28)
B6 Our Love Affair (It's Dorsey Time, 1940-11-26)
B7 East Of The Sun (America Dances, 1940-05-28)
B8 The One I Love (It's Dorsey Time, 1940-11-26)
B9 Shadows On The Sand (It's Dorsey Time, 1940-11-26)
B10 That's How It Goes (It's Dorsey Time, 1940-11-26)

C1 I Get A Kick Out Of You (The Broadway Bandbox, 1943-07-09)
C2 Let's Get Lost ("Your Hit Parade, 1943-06-05)
C3 Embraceable You (Command Performance #80, 1943-09-05)
C4 Night And Day (Command Performance #80, 1943-09-05)
C5 Close To You (The Broadway Bandbox, 1943-10-10)
C6 I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night (Treasury Star Parade #311, 1943-12-27)
C7 Falling In Love With Love (Treasury Star Parade #311, 1943-12-27)
C8 The Music Stopped (Treasury Star Parade #311, 1943-12-27)
C9 My Ideal (Your Hit Parade, 1943-12-18)
C10 Speak Low (Your Hit Parade, 1943-12-18)

D1 People Will Say We're In Love (Your Hit Parade, 1944-01-15)
D2 Long Ago And Far Away (The Frank Sinatra Program, 1944-02-09)
D3 I'll Get By (Your Hit Parade, 1944-04-22)
D4 Sweet Lorraine (Your Hit Parade, 1944-07-22)
D5 Swinging On A Star (Your Hit Parade, 1944-07-22)
D6 These Foolish Things (The Bing Crosby Music Hall, 1944-11-16)
D7 The Very Thought Of You (Your Hit Parade, 1944-11-25)
D8 All The Things You Are (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-02-20)
D9 My Melancholy Baby (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-09-19)
D10 Homesick, That's All (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-09-26)

E1 Till The End Of Time (The Danny Kaye Show, 1945-10-05)
E2 What Makes The Sunset? (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-10-17)
E3 I Fall In Love Too Easily (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-10-17)
E4 I Begged Her (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-10-17)
E5 Don't Forget Tonight Tomorrow (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-10-31)
E6 That's For Me (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-11-14)
E7 I Found A New Baby (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-11-28)
E8 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-12-05)
E9 Aren't You Glad You're You? (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-01-16)
E10 It Might As Well Be Spring (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-12-12)

F1 Lilly Belle (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-12-12)
F2 If I Loved You (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-09-12)
F3 Slowly (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-01-09)
F4 Great Day (Songs By Sinatra, 1945-12-26)
F5 I Only Have Eyes For You (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-01-30)
F6 Oh, What It Seemed To Be (Songs By Sinatra, rh, 1946-02-13)
F7 Full Moon And Empty Arms (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-02-20)
F8 Exactly Like You (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-03-13)
F9 Summertime/ It Ain't Necessarily So/ Bess, Oh Where's My Bess (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-04-10)

G1 I Fall In Love With You Every Day (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-04-10)
G2 It's A Good Day (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-01-22)
G3 My Sugar Is So Refined (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-11-06)
G4 Ole Buttermilk Sky (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-11-20)
G5 Lullaby Of Broadway (Songs By Sinatra, 1946-11-13)
G6 I Won't Dance (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-01-15)
G7 The Touch Of Your Hand (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-01-15)
G8 Why Was I Born? (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-01-15)
G9 All Through The Day (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-01-15)
G10 Make Believe (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-01-15)
G11 The Song Is You (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-01-15)
G12 All The Things You Are (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-01-15)

H1 You Can't See The Sun When You're Crying (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-05-14)
H2 The Anniversary Song (Songs By Sinatra, 1947-05-21)
H3 You Do (Your Hit Parade, 1947-12-20)
H4 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! (Your Hit Parade, 1947-12-13)
H5 I Wish I Didn't Love You So (Your Hit Parade, 1747-12-13)
H6 Wrap You Troubles In Dreams (Red Cross Time" #4, 1948-03-04)
H7 Nature Boy (Your Hit Parade, 1948-05-29)
H8 Haunted Heart (Your Hit Parade, 1948-05-29)
H9 Little White Lies (Your Hit Parade, 1948-06-26)
H10 A Tree In The Meadow (Your Hit Parade, 1948-09-11)

I1 It Only Happens When I Dance With You (Your Hit Parade, 1948-09-11)
I2 My Happiness (Your Hit Parade, 1948-09-11)
I3 O Sole Mio (Light-Up Time, 1950-01-26)
I4 I Found A New Baby (Light-Up Time, 1950-04-28)
I5 It Isn't Fair (Light-Up Time, 1950-04-20)
I6 Body And Soul (Light-Up Time, 1950-01-27)
I7 When You're Smiling (Light-Up Time, 1949-12-15)
I8 I've Got A Crush On You (Light-Up Time, 1950-02-02)
I9 My Foolish Heart (Light-Up Time, 1950-05-01)
I10 The Best Things In Life Are Free (Light-Up Time, 1950-02-08)
I11 I Love You (Light-Up Time, 1950-02-08)

J1 Why Remind Me? (Light-Up Time, 1950-02-08)
J2 Just You, Just Me (Light-Up Time, 1950-02-09)
J3 Somebody Loves Me (Light-Up Time, 1950-02-09)
J4 Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Light-Up Time, 1950-02-08)
J5 Sorry (Light-Up Time, 1950-02-09)
J6 Young At Heart (The Bing Crosby Show, 1954-03-21)
J7 Medley: Among My Souvenirs/
J8 September Song/
J9 As Time Goes By (The Bing Crosby Show, 1954-03-21)
J10 Take A Chance (The Bing Crosby Show, 1954-03-28)
J11 Medley: Till We Meet Again /
J12 Meet Me In Dreamland /
J13 There's A Long, Long Trail (The Bing Crosby Show, 1954-03-28)

K1 Don't Blame Me (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-04-09)
K2 S'wonderful (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-04-20)
K3 It All Depends On You (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-12-01)
K4 Night And Day ((To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-06-08)
K5 Somebody Loves Me (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-01-26)
K6 Nevertheless (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-07-02)
K7 On The Sunny Side Of The Street (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-1954)
K8 Love Me Or Leave Me (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-1954)
K9 Try A Little Tenderness (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-1954)
K10 Out Of Nowhere (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-05-18)

L1 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-01-22)
L2 After I Say I'm Sorry (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-02-09)
L3 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-03-30)
L4 One Hundred Years From Today (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-02-02)
L5 I'm In The Mood For Love (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-02-05)
L6 Tenderly (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-05-21)
L7 Hello Young Lovers (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-06-25)
L8 She's Funny That Way (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-07-02)
L9 I Don't Know Why (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1954-01-19)
L10 Come Rain Or Come Shine (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-1954)

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