The Main Event: Die Sinatra-Infothek seit 1999

Frank Sinatra: A Voice On Air (1935-1955)

2015 * Frank Sinatra: A Voice On Air 1935-1955 (Columbia 88875099712)

CD 1:

CD 1:
1. Vintage Radio Tuning In/Major Bowes’ Show Opening & Shine (with the Hoboken Four) – (Major Bowes’ Amateur Hour 1935-09-08)
2. Fred Allen Introduces Frank Sinatra and the Four Sharps & Exactly Like You (instrumental) (Town Hall Tonight, 1937-05-12)
3. Moon Love (with Harry James & his Orchestra) (Roseland Ballroom, 1939-08-10)
4. Fame and Fortune Show Opening: I’m Getting Sentimental Over You & Marie (with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra/Band Chorus) (Fame and Fortune., 1940-10-17)
5. Deep Night (with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra/Band Chorus) Fame and Fortune.1940-12-05)
6. Ruth Lowe Interview & I’ll Never Smile Again /Fame and Fortune Show Opening: I’m Getting Sentimental Over You (with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra and the Pied Pipers) (Fame and Fortune, 1940-10-17)
7. Frenesi (with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra and the Pied Pipers) Fame and Fortune., 1941-01-23)
8. East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) (with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra/Pied Pipers) Fame and Fortune., 1940-12-12-)
9. Carnaval de Broadway Show Opening: I’m Getting Sentimental Over You & The One I Love (with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra and the Pied Pipers) (Carnival de Broadway, 1940-06-12)
10. Say It & Carnaval de Broadway Show Closing: I’m Getting Sentimental Over You (with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra) (Carnival de Broadway, 1940-08-14)
11. She’s Funny That Way (Treasury Song Parade #125, 1942-11-XX)
12. I Don’t Believe in Rumors (Treasury Song Parade #165, 1942-11-XX)
13. Medley: I’ll String Along With You /As Time Goes By (Reflections, ca. 1942)
14. That Old Black Magic (Reflections, ca. 1942)
15. I Heard You Cried Last Night (Your Hit Parade, Nov/ Dez. 1943)
16. For Me and My Gal I Heard You Cried Last Night (Your Hit Parade, 1943-02-27)
17. Moonlight Mood (Your Hit Parade, 1943-02-13)
18. There Are Such Things (Your Hit Parade, 1943-02-13)
19. Broadway Bandbox Show Opening: This Love of Mine & All or Nothing at All (orchestral) (Broadway Bandbox, 1943-05-14)
20. My Heart Stood Still (Broadway Bandbox, 1943-05-28)
21. The Right Kind of Love (Broadway Bandbox, 1943-07-09)
22. Close to You (Stage Door Cantine, 1943-06-17)
23. As Time Goes By (Your Hit Parade, 1943-05-22)
24. It's De-Lovely (Broadway Bandbox, ca. 1943)
25. Nature's Remedy Commercial (ca. 1940)

CD 2:

CD 2:
1. Songs by Sinatra Show Opening: This Love of Mine & Paper Doll (Songs by Sinatra, 1943-10-24)
2. Kiss Me Again (Songs by Sinatra, 1943-10-24)
3. If Loveliness Were Music (Songs by Sinatra, 1943-10-24)
4. Lover Come Back to Me & Songs by Sinatra Show Closing: Put Your Dreams Away (Songs by Sinatra, 1943-10-24)
5. My Heart Tells Me (Your Hit Parade, 1943-11-13)
6. My Ideal (Songs by Sinatra, 1943-12-19)
7. News Bulletin/Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower Briefing/President Franklin D. Roosevelt Address on D-Day (Excerpts) & Music for Millions Introduction/Buy a Piece of the Peace (Music for the Miooions, 1945-07-11)
8. Frank Sinatra D-Day Announcement/The Frank Sinatra Show Opening: This Love of Mine & Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer (Your Hit Parade, 1943-07-17)
9. Frank Sinatra Commentary on D-Day Broadcast & America the Beautiful (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-11-21)
10. Frank Sinatra Dedication to Canadian Soldiers at Rockcliffe Hospital, Ontario, & I’ll Be Seeing You (rehearsal) (Frank Sinatra in Person, 1944-05-31)
11. Frank Sinatra Dedication to Soldiers at Halloran Hospital & The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra in Person, 1944-05-17)
12. It Had to Be You (Your Hit Parade, 1944-08-26)
13. Don’t Fence Me In (Frank Sinatra in Person, 1944-12-30)
14. Lonely Love (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-04-25)
15. Long Ago and Far Away (Academy Night at Hollywood Bowl/ Music for the Wounded, 1945-08-04)
16. Songs by Sinatra Show Opening: Night and Day & Aren’t You Glad You’re You (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-12)
17. It Might As Well Be Spring (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-12)
18. Birthday Greetings for Frank Sinatra’s 30th Birthday/Frank Sinatra Introduces June Hutton & Button Up Your Overcoat (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-12)
19. Day by Day (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-12)
20. Lily Belle (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-12)
21. Ol’ Man River & Songs by Sinatra Show Closing: Put Your Dreams Away (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-12)
22. Comedy Sketch: The Battle of the Century (Christmas Command Performance, ca. 1945-12-XX)
23. Songs By Sinatra Old Gold "Yankee Doodle Dandy" Commercial (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-09-26)
24. The Frank Sinatra Show Vimms Vitamin Commercial (The Frank Sinatra Show, 1944-06-07)
25. Songs By Sinatra Max Factor Commercial (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-04-18)

CD 3

CD 3
1. Songs by Sinatra Show Opening: Night and Day & I’m An Old Cowhand /Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-19)
2. Along the Navajo Trail (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-19)
3. Frank Sinatra Introduction & Home on the Range (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-01-30)
4. Frank Sinatra Introduces Louisiana Gov. Jimmie Davis & You Are My Sunshine (with Gov. Jimmie Davis) (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-02-20)
5. Frank Sinatra Introduces Nat “King” Cole & Exactly Like You (with Nat “King” Cole & the King Cole Trio (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-03-13)
6. Frank Sinatra Introduces Slim Gaillard & Cement Mixer (Put-ti Put-ti) (with Slim Gaillard & the Slim Gaillard Trio) (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-04-24)
7. You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me (with Peggy Lee) (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-02-20)
8. I Only Have Eyes for You (with the Benny Goodman Sextet) (Songs by Sinatra,1946-01-30)
9. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-01-23)
10. Don’t Forget Tonight Tomorrow (rehearsal) (with the Pied Pipers) (Songs by Sinatra,1946-02-06)
11. Sweet Lorraine (orchestral version) (Songs by Sinatra,1946-02-27)
12. Personality (Songs by Sinatra,1946-03-20)
13. Who’s Sorry Now? (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-04-24)
14. Don’t Marry That Girl (Songs by Sinatra,1946-05-15)
15. A Salute to Al Jolson Show Opening/George Jessel Introduces Frank Sinatra & Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody (A Salute to Al Jolson, 1946-02-10)
16. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (Songs by Sinatra,1946-12-25)
17. These Foolish Things (parody) (rehearsal) (Songs by Sinatra,1946-02-06)
18. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons (Songs by Sinatra,1947-01-22)
19. Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) (with Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore) (The Jimmy Durante-Garry Moore Show, 1947-03-21)
20. Frank Sinatra Introduces Irving Berlin & Alexander’s Ragtime Band (with Irving Berlin) (Songs by Sinatra,1947-04-23)
21. Help Me to Help My Neighbor & Irving Berlin Commentary on Frank Sinatra Winning the Jefferson Award (Songs by Sinatra,1946-04-23)
22. Frank Sinatra Introduces Johnny Mercer & Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive (Songs by Sinatra,1947-05-28)
23. Your Hit Parade Opening: Lucky Day & (It’s Going to Be A) Great Day (Your Hit Parade, 1947-11-13)
24. I Wish I Didn’t Love You So (Your Hit Parade, 1947-12-13)
25. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (with Doris Day) (Your Hit Parade, 1947-09-27)
26. There’s No Business Like Show Business (with Doris Day) (Your Hit Parade, 1947-10-04)
27. Serenade of the Bells (Your Hit Parade, ca. 1948)
28. Frank Sinatra Receives The Modern Screen Ed Sullivan Award and the 1946 "Radio Father Of The Year" Award & Come Rain or Come Shine (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-06-05)
29. Songs By Sinatra Show Closing: Put Your Dreams Away (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-11-27)

CD 4

CD 4

1. Haunted Heart (Your Hit Parade, 1948-06-22)
2. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (Red Cros Gala #4, recorded 1948-04-03)
3. I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover (Your Hit Parade, 1948-03-20)
4. Nature Boy (orchestral version) (Your Hit Parade, 1948-06-22)
5. Little White Lies (Your Hit Parade, 1948-06-22)
6. On a Slow Boat to China (Your Hit Parade, 1949-01-01)
7. Light Up Time Show Opening: Night and Day & It All Depends on You (Light Up Time, 1949-06-15)
8. Some Enchanted Evening (with Dorothy Kirsten) (Light Up Time, 1949-06-15)
9. Full Moon and Empty Arms (with Dorothy Kirsten) (Your Hit Parade 1949/1950)
10. It’s Only a Paper Moon (Light Up Time, 1949-11-30)
11. Mad About You (Light Up Time, 1949-11-30)
12. A Fine Romance (with Dorothy Kirsten) (Light Up Time, 1949-11-30)
13. Dean Martin Introduces Frank Sinatra & I’ve Got a Crush on You (The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show, 1952-01-18)
14. Why Try to Change Me Now (Guest Star #319, ca. 1953-05)
15. The birth of the Blues (Guest Star #319, ca. 1953-05)
16. To Be Perfectly Frank Show Opening: Walking and Whistlin’ the Blues & I’ve Got the World on a String (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-09-22)
17. I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-11-20)
18. A Hundred Years from Today (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-11-17)
19. This Can’t Be Love (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-11-20)
20. Them There Eyes & To Be Perfectly Frank Closing: Walkin’ and Whistlin’ the Blues (To Be Perfectly Frank, 1953-12-15)
21. The Frank Sinatra Show Opening: Young at Heart & Tenderly (The Frank Sinatra Show, 1955-01-14)
22. Hello, Young Lovers (The Frank Sinatra Show, 1955-01-14)
23. It’s Alright with Me (The Frank Sinatra Show, 1954-10-29)
24. Love is Here to Stay & The Frank Sinatra Show Closing: Put Your Dreams Away (The Frank Sinatra Show, (1953-12-18)
25. Gary Crosby Introduces Frank Sinatra & Sam’s Song (The Happy Tune) (with Gary Crosby) (The Gary Crosby Show, 1954-08-15)
26. Half As Lovely (Twice As True) (The Gary Crosby Show, 1954-08-15)
27. Light Up Time/Lucky Strike "LSMFT" Commercial (Light Up Time, 1949-06-15)
28. Frank Sinatra: Sinatra Sings Bobbi Home Permanent/White Rain Commercials (The Frank Sinatra Show, 1955-01-05)

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