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All Time Greatest Hits, Vol. 3

All Time Greatest Hits, Vol. 3
Veröffentlichung: 1988 (CD) 1990 (LP, nur Niederlande)
Executive Producer: Don Wardell
Liner Notes: Patrick Snyder
Digital Engineer: Dick Baxter
Digital Producer: Chick Crumpacker
Label: RCA

1. It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
2. Devil May Care
3. I'd Know You Anywhere
4. Looking For Yesterday
5. The Fable Of The Rose
6. Moments In the Moonlight
7. Shake Down The Stars
8. Do You Know Why?
9. Shadows On The Sand
10. Head On My Pillow - Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra/The Sentimentalists
11. Trade Winds
12. Say It
13. This is The Beginnig Of The End
14. Do I Worry? - Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra/The Pied Pipers
15. I Tried
16. You And I
17. Two In Love
18. How Do You Do Without Me?
19. Snootie Little Cutie - Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra/Connie Haines/The Pied Pipers
20. Somewhere A Voice Is Calling


All Time Greatest Hits, Vol. 1-4 sind Compilation-Alben aus den frühen 40er Jahren aus der Zusammenarbeit Tommy Dorsey und Frank Sinatra.

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