1941 - Las Vegas Nights

Directed by Ralph Murphy
Writing credits Harry Clork & Ernest Pagano & Eddie Welch
Produced by William LeBaron
Original music by Louis Alter & Frank Loesser

Cinematography by William C. Mellor


Phil Regan - (Bill Stevens)
Bert Wheeler (I) - (Stu Grant)
Tommy Dorsey - (Himself)
Constance Moore - (Norma Jenning)
Virginia Dale (I) - (Patsy Lynch)
Lillian Cornell - (Mildred Jennings)
Betty Brewer - (Katy)
Hank Ladd - (Hank Bevis)
Eddie Kane (I) - (Maitre D')
Chief John Big Tree -
Marcelle Christopher - (Girl)
Johnny Clark (I) - Cast:
Catherine Craig (I) - (Girl)
William 'Red' Donahue, And His Mule Uno)
Earl Douglas - (Guitar Player)
Henry Kolker - (William Stevens Sr.)
Francetta Malloy - (Gloria Stafford)
Wanda McKay - (Cigarette Girl)
Nick Moro - (Musician)
Ella Neal - (Girl)
Jean Phillips - (Girl)
Frank Sinatra - (Singer in Tommy Dorsey's Band)
Eleanor Stewart - (Hat Check Girl)
Frank Yaconelli - (Concertina Player)


For his first feature-film appearance in two years, comedian Bert Wheeler (of Wheeler & Woolsey fame) teamed up with bandleader Phil Regan. The story gets under way when a quartet of vaudevillians-Bill Stevens (Regan), Stu Grant (Wheeler) and Norma and Mildred Jennings (Constance Moore, Lillian Cornell) show up in Vegas with nary a cent between them. Norma manages to win big at a gambling joint, whereupon the money is put in Stu's care. Alas, Stu makes a beeline to the gaming tables, where he manages to lose all. The winsome foursome is saved from utter ruin by a real estate operator who happens to be the father of one of the protagonists. Even Bert Wheeler admitted that Las Vegas Nights was a bomb, noting on "a picture like that can come back and haunt you." Still, it holds some historical value as the film that introduced Frank Sinatra, here appearing as the uncredited vocalist for the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. (Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide)

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