1943 - Higher and Higher

USA, 1943, 90 Minuten

Director: Tim Whelan
Producer: Tim Whelan
Screenwriter: Jay Dratler & Ralph Spence & William Bowers & Howard Harris
Art Director: Albert S. D'Agostino & Jack Okey
Cinematographer: Robert de Grasse
Composer: Roy Webb & Constantin Bakaleinikoff
Editor: Gene Milford


Michele Morgan - Millie
Jack Haley - Mike
Frank Sinatra - Frank
Leon Errol - Drake
Marcy McGuire - Mickey
Victor Borge - Fitzroy Wilson
Mary Wickes - Sandy
Elisabeth Risdon - Mrs. Keating
Barbara Hale - Catherine Keating
Mel Torme - Marty
Paul Hartman - Byngham
Grace Hartman - Hilda
Dooley Wilson - Oscar
Ivy Scott - Miss Whiffin
Rex Evans - Mr. Green
Stanley Logan - Hotel Manager
Ola Lorraine - Sarah
King Kennedy - Mr. Duval
Robert Anderson - Announcer
Elaine Riley - Bridesmaid
Shirley O'Hara - Bridesmaid
Dorothy Malone - Bridesmaid
Daun Kennedy - Bridesmaid
Rita Gould - Woman Assistant
Harry Holman - Banker
Warren Jackson - Contractor
Tanis Chandler - Debutante
Drake Thornton - Bellboy
Edward Fielding - Minister
Buddy Gorman - Page Boy


(der Film ist in Deutschland nie ausgestrahlt worden)

Higher and Higher was advertised by RKO Radio as "The Sinatra Show", and small wonder: In his first major film role, Frank Sinatra was easily the film's biggest box-office draw. Actually, Frankie was a last minute addition to the film, which began as a traditional adaptation of a popular Broadway musical. Repeating his original stage role, Jack Haley plays Mike, the head servant in the household of millionaire Mr. Drake (Leon Errol). When Drake faces bankruptcy, Mike rallies the servants together and cooks up a moneymaking scheme: they'll pass off pretty scullery maid Millie (Michele Morgan) as Drake's daughter, and marry her off to a wealthy bachelor. Complicating matters is Sir Bictor Fitzroy Victor (Victor Borge), an impoverished nobleman who is himself looking for a rich wife. Mike saves the day with a last-minute discovery in the wine cellar, but not before a series of hilarious and tuneful plot twists involving Millie, heiress Katherine (Barbara Hale), and hired help Mickey (Marcy McGuire) and Marty (Mel Torme). Hastily written into the proceedings as Drake's next door neighbor, Sinatra croons several standards-to-be, including "I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night" and "This is a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening"; he also is arbitrarily permitted the film's closing shot, emerging from heavenly clouds like the Second Coming of Music. Thanks to the film's enormous box-office take, everybody was happy with Higher and Higher--except Jack Haley, understandably miffed that his onetime starring role was whittled down to a supporting part to allow more screen time for the estimable Mr. Sinatra. (Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide)

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