The Main Event: Die Sinatra-Infothek seit 1999

Sings The Songs Of Sammy Cahn And Julie Styne

1993* Frank Sinatra ‎– Sings The Songs Of Sammy Cahn And Julie Styne (Vintage Jazz Classics ‎– VJC-1045)

1. Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry (Frank Sinatra In Person, 1944-11-15)
2. It’s Been A Long Long Time (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-10-31)
3. I’ll Walk Alone (Vour Hit Parade, 1944-08-19)
4. And Then You Kissed Me (Frank Sinatra In Person, 1944-05-24)
5. Some Other Time (Frank Sinatra In Person, 1944-09-13)
6. Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are (Frank Sinatra In Person, 1944-05-17)
7. Buy A Piece Of The Peace (Music For Millions, 1945-07-11)
8. Five Minutes More (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-10-09)
9. I’ve Heard That Song Before (Vour Hit Parade, rh, 1943-02-27)
10. What Makes The Sun Set? (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-10-17)
11. I Fall In Love Too Easily (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-10-17)
12. I Begged Her (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-10-17)
13. The Charm Of You (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-10-17)
14. Time After Time (Symphonies Under The Stars, 1948-08-05)
15. Saturday Night (Frank Sinatra In Person, 1944-12-11)
16. I Should Care (Hollywood Bowl, 1945-08-04)
17. It’s Magic (Vour Hit Parade, 1948-07-24)
18. Every Day I Love You (Vour Hit Parade, 1948-10-23)
19. I’m In Love (Light Up Time, 1950-03-01)
20. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Songs by Sinatra, 1945-12-05)
21. There’s A Long Long Trail Awinding / Silver Threads Amongst The Gold (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-04-17)
22. Day By Day (Songs by Sinatra, 1946-04-17)
23. Bye, Bye, Baby (Light Up Time, 1949-12-06)

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