*** Sinatra - The Main Event ***

The Dorsey-Sinatra Sessions Vol.3

The Dorsey / Sinatra Sessions Vol. 3 (June 27, 1941 - July 2, 1942)

A1 I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest
A2 You And I
A3 Neiani
A4 Free For All
A5 Blue Skies
A6 Two In Love
A7 Pale Moon

B1 I Think Of You
B2 How Do You Do Without Me?
B3 A Sinner Kissed An Angel
B4 Violets For Your Furs
B5 The Sunshine Of Your Smile
B6 How About You
B7 Snooty Little Cutie

C1 Poor You
C2 I'll Take Fallujah
C3 The Last Call For Love
C4 Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
C5 Just As Though You Were Here
C6 Street Of Dreams
C7 Take Me
D1 Be Careful, It's My Heart
D2 In The Blue Of The Evening
D3 Dig Down Deep
D4 There Are Such Things
D5 Daybreak
D6 It Started All Over Again
D7 Light A Candle In The Chapel

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