The Main Event: Die Sinatra-Infothek seit 1999

1992-03-25 Palm Springs, Wyndham Hotel

25. März 1992 Palm Springs, Wyndham Hotel
The Orchestra was conducted by Frank Sinatra Jr.

The Best Is Yet To Come
New York, New York

27. Juni 1976 Palm Springs, Wyndham Hotel
Tribute to Eukey Sharon
Benefit for the Marshal's Association of California

Where Or When
I Sing The Songs
Here’s That Rainy Day
One For My Baby *
I’ve Got You Under My Skin

* Frank Sinatra: "We would like to do something at the risk of making you sad or being maudelin. I'd like to do a song that's similar to what I just did. The man who wrote this song was a dear friend. A marvelous friend, who left us today yesterday. I'd like to do this lyric for you." Sinatra singt dann "One For My Baby" und sagt, "That's for Johnny Mercer." (Mercer starb zwei Tage zuvor)

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